A tool for Do-It-Yourself homeowners to clean high gutters without a ladder

Attaches to most any leaf blower, electric , gas or battery powered.

Suspended by telescoping painters pole.

Blows Gutters Clean.

Safe, Innovative, Efficient

Click HERE to Watch our setup video

What's included:  Gutter Viper green "head" and mirror, 25 foot ripstop nylon tube, shoulder strap, adjustable clamp to connect to leaf blower, instructions

Weighs less than 3 pounds (not including pole)

Works with most leaf blowers and most extension poles (Mr Long Arm recommended)

Two Story Gutters: No Problem

No other product will clean two story gutters so quickly and easily.

Watch our setup video to see how easy it is to set up and use.

Don't buy products that won't reach !

Don't invest in pressure washer systems--water makes leaves heavier.

You Can't Trust Life and Limb to a Ladder

Falling from a two story ladder is often  Life-Changing

Now you don't have to risk a fall and risk your health or income

You don't have to let your spouse take those risks

And you don't have to pay $100-200 to hire it out twice a year

The Gutter Viper:  Clean High Gutters, No Ladder, No risk of Falls, No recurring costs

The Gutter Viper --The lightest, most efficient way to clean gutters (without a ladder)

Designed to tackle the toughest gutters

  • Adjusts to fit most any leafblower

    Nearly frictionless Ripstop Nylon air conduit  adjusts to attach to most any leafblower

  • Reaches 27 feet with adjustable painters pole (sold separately)

    Attach the Gutter Viper to painters pole (sold at hardware stores) to reach even high 2nd story gutters. 

    The Gutter Viper quickly adjust to 1 story, 2 story, even some 3 story gutters. 

No other gutter cleaning device will reach as far

The Gutter Viper cleans 26 feet high

  • For the Do-It-Yourself Homeowner who doesn't want to climb ladders

    The Gutter Viper attaches to most leaf blowers.  If it blows leaves well, it should blow gutters well (see our FAQs) 

    Tool to clean gutters, this gutter cleaning tool reaches two story gutters, reaches high gutters, reaches 2 story gutters, keeps downspouts clear, with this leaf blower attachment
  • Read our reviews.

    Read our reviews and testimonials.   We also have a 30 day guarantee. 

    Best tool to clean gutters.   Best of the tools to clean gutters.  Clean downspouts too, with this leaf blower attachment
  • You do your own yard work.

    Now use your leaf blower to clean your gutters too.  No ladders needed!

    Gutter cleaning tool, tool to clean gutters, leaf blower attachment
  • Do It Yourself by all means, but clean your gutters safely !

    You don't have to climb a ladder again with the Gutter Viper

    This is a Gutter cleaning tool.  A tool to clean gutters, clean my gutters, even high gutters.  We'll show you how to clean gutters.  Unblocking gutters or prevent gutters from blocking.


What our customers are saying.

Our second story gutters were so clogged there were actually plants growing out of them but twenty minutes with the gutter viper and the gutters are running clear. Our neighbors all want one. We have to get this in our local Home Depot. Thank you Gutter Viper!

I recently bought the Gutter Viper and wanted to share some feedback with you.  For the past bunch of years, I've had a gutter cleaning service clear the gutters twice a year (spring/fall).  The cost was getting out of control, so I decided to stop after last fall's service.  I found the Gutter Viper online a couple of weeks ago.  The idea of utilizing my backpack blower to check and clean my gutters from the ground really appealed to me.   

 I used it for the first time this weekend on my two story home, and it worked really well overall.  Most of the gutters had minor/moderate levels of debris from a rough winter.  The gutters were mostly dry, so the Viper had little trouble clearing things out.  One gutter had a major blockage, so it was filled with water and wet leaves/debris.  It took some time/effort to get everything cleared from that gutter, but - in the end - the Viper prevailed.  We had a major storm last night, and I was curious to see if I had truly cleared everything from the fully blocked gutter.  I'm happy to report that the gutters worked as they should, so I'm very happy with the Gutter Viper!

Thanks again for coming up with the Gutter Viper.  From my experience this weekend, its a really good product that is going to save me a ton of money, time, and effort in keeping my gutters clean.   

Where has this awesome invention been my whole life?  In less than 30 minutes all my gutters and down spouts were completely cleared of leaves and gunk left over from a long winter.   I have been spending $300 a year to have my gutters cleaned semi-annually by  unreliable contractors .   With the Gutter Viper I am no longer at the mercy of a contractor and can easily clear my gutters myself on a much more regular basis, preventing a 6 month build up.

It has paid for itself in one cleaning!!!

I’m wiley Roberts and 76 Year’s young.

Purchased the gutter viper and I think it did a good job for me 

The gutters are about 14 feet up and I don’t like ladders 

Thanks Jeffrey for a nice viper tool

Cleaning my gutters on my modest sized two story house used to take 2 hours at the top of a ladder.  Now I clean my gutters from the safety of the ground and in about 15 minutes.  Basement water leaks due to clogged gutters are no longer a problem with the gutterviper.  This product is literally a life saver.

I have maple trees that load up my second-story gutters with seeds and leaves a few times each year. The Gutter Viper provides an easy and safe way for me to remove them. No more lugging around a heavy ladder. The gutter viper is lightweight, affordable, and performs well with my Stihl leaf blower!