Home / Gutter Cleaning tool: Setting up the Gutter Viper

Setting up the Gutter Viper is easy.  Watch our setup video below, and read a little more if you like.  It doesn't take much Do-It-Yourself skill to set it up.  The video takes any mystery out of it.  Drop us an email if you'd like to see more setup videos. 

Many of our frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ section of our website--see the menu section called FAQ on the top right corner of the web site.  But here are a few questions and abbreviated answers.

Will it work with my leaf blower?  

The answer is likely yes, if you have a reasonably powered leaf blower.  If your leaf blower will blow leaves off your grass pretty well, its likely going to work well with the Gutter Viper.  You can look up the power (in cubic feet per minute airflow--CFM) on product websites.  Anything over 400 CFM is likely to work well.   Backpack leaf blowers should all be more than powerful enough--in fact you might have to throttle them back a bit.  "Sweepers" that only have enough power to blow a smooth sidewalk (not leaves on grass) won't be powerful enough. 

What else do I need? 

You need a leaf blower and an extension pole.  We recommend the 17 foot or 22 foot Mr LongArm poles, available on our website (see catalog on main menu), or at most "big box" stores like Home Depot or Lowes or Menards, as well as many smaller hardware stores. 

Do I need special tools to assemble and use this? 

No special tools are needed, just your thumbs to tighten a clamp, to fasten the nylon tube to your leaf blower.

Can I use it on 1 or 1 and 1/2 story gutters? 

Yes, you can.  Two ways to do this.  One way is to "bunch up" or gather several feet of the ripstop nylon tube onto your leaf blower (and shorten the pole, of course).  Then use it as you would on a tall gutter, as pictured below



Alternatively, many of our customers just leave the ripstop nylon tube long, put the leaf blower on the ground, and walk along the edge of the home, as pictured below.  The picture is a two story home, but you see how you could shorten the pole and use it on lower gutter.  It's a bit easier to just shorten the pole, we think.    


So How Many Ways Are There to Use The Gutter Viper? 

At least Three Way:

1) Set the pole length you need, gather the nylon tube on the leaf blower nozzle, hang the blower from your shoulder , and clean the gutter.

2) (If you have lots of space, like a lawn and no tree branches near the gutter)  Set the pole length you need, put the leafblower on the ground behind you, leave the tube long, set the leaf blower on high revs, .clean the gutter. Letting the tube billow out behind you or beside is no problem if there is nothing for it to get caught on. 

3) (If you have a really high gutter that you can only reach by holding the bottom of the pole at chest level or higher) Use the strategy 1)  (above), but this time idle the leaf blower, put the GV in the gutter, pull down slightly on the pole to create friction between the GV and gutter, rev the leaf blower to clean out the first 2-3 ft, idle the leaf blower, let up on the pole and move it 2-3 ft along the gutter, pull down on the pole handle, rev the leafblower, idle it, and repeat.  This method eliminates the problem of the fully extended pole flexing (because of gravity and the air thrust from the GV bending the pole), making it really difficult to control.

4) (Cleaning the roof or roof  valley) You can "fly" the GV up the roof if needed by pointing the thrust from the air leaving the GV downwards onto the roof - it supports its weight like a hovercraft.  Handy for moving it about when wanting to use it to clean leaves off a roof or out of a roof valley.       

What is the strap for?

If you have a hand-held leaf blower, you can wrap the strap around the handle, and convert the hand-held unit to a shoulder held unit, freeing up your hands to hold the pole Gutter Viper.  See the two photos above. 

Are there homes where it won't work? 

While the Gutter Viper will reach most gutters, the two most common scenarios that we see which may require mechanical cleaning are:

1.  Three story gutters.  While the Gutter Viper can reach some three story gutters, homes that have 10 feet interior ceilings, where the gutter might be 28-30 feet high would be difficult.  Some homes with 8 foot interior ceilings, that do not sit up high on a cement foundation (which adds height) can be reached.  

2.  Homes with complex structures and gables, where the homeowner has to reach over deep extensions or additions, are more difficult to reach, as illustrated in parts of the home pictured below.