Gutter Viper Basic Kit

Gutter Viper Basic Kit

Gutter Viper Basic Kit


Now you can clean first and second story gutters safely, from the ground.   Use your leaf blower to clean gutters.  

Get a Gutter Viper and Get Off the Ladder

Are you a problem-solver? Do you like to save money? Are you a proud homeowner who likes to do things yourself?

Homeowners have plenty of responsibilities, and cleaning your gutters is one of them. This chore doesn’t have to be dangerous, expensive, or time-consuming.

  • Clean your gutters without getting on a ladder.
  • Get clean gutters without calling a service.
  • Protect your house without wasting hours of your time.

All with the help of the Gutter Viper.

Easy two-story gutter cleaning

Cleaning the gutters is an annoying way to spend your weekend, right? Efficiency and self-sufficiency come together with the Gutter Viper.

No matter your age, experience, or competency, the Gutter Viper makes gutter cleaning easy and fast.

  • Connect the Gutter Viper to your leaf blower.
  • Use and re-use this innovative tool for two-story gutter cleaning.
  • Do it all without leaving the safety of the ground.

Clean your gutters without a ladder

Using a ladder for any household task puts you at risk for bodily injury. Let the Viper do the climbing.

The Gutter Viper goes where you don’t want to go and does the gutter-cleaning job as thoroughly as any professional service would.

Save money on gutter cleaning

Wish you could clean your own gutters and stop spending money on a service? You don’t have to be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule and pricing.

Invest in the Gutter Viper and rid your gutters of leaves, debris, and dirt as often as you’d like, without having to pay someone else for their time and effort.

You become the pro with your Gutter Viper and reach where no other gutter cleaner can go – all from the safety of solid ground.

DIY gutter cleaning done safely

Have a leaf blower? Attach the Gutter Viper to it and clean your first- and second-story gutters safely – from the ground.

Don’t let your gutters overflow. Don’t expose yourself to risk. The Gutter Viper goes up, so you don’t have to.

Discover the best way to clean high gutters

No one hurts themselves cleaning gutters from the ground.

Impress your neighbors with the Gutter Viper. Work smarter, not harder.

The Gutter Viper – for the homeowner who does everything but high ladders.


Painters pole sold separately.  We recommend the Mr LongArm 22 foot telescoping pole which reaches 26  feet and can be used for other household tasks like window cleaning.   There is a 17 foot MrLongArm pole that reaches 21-22  feet as well.