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What features are important in a leaf blower

Here are some  features you can look for to help you select the best leaf blower for your work.

  • Noise level should be considered. States, cities and neighborhoods can have different noise level laws with leaf blowers.  Generally, electric blowers aren't as loud as gas blowers.  You may want to invest in ear protection for many gas blowers. 
  • 2-cycle engines offer a good balance of power and weight.  They run on a blend of oil and gasoline (like 1:50). You need to mix the fuel yourself or purchase it pre-mixed.
  • 4-cycle engines run on gasoline alone. They eliminate the need for mixing fuel, but are heavier than comparable 2 cycle-engines and require regular oil changes.  They are less common.
  • Ratings for amps (A) on a corded blower, volts (V) on a cordless blower and cubic centimeters (cc) on a gasoline-powered blower all indicate power output.  But CFM may be better proxy for power. 
  • Simplified choke operation makes startup easier on a gasoline-powered blower.
  • Miles-per-hour (MPH) ratings measure the speed that air exits the unit and are another indication of the blower's power (But beware that smaller openings may have higher MPH, just because its being pushed through a smaller opening.   CFM (below) may be a better measure of performance/capabilities of a blower. 
  • Cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) ratings measure the volume of air the blower moves. Blowers with higher CFM ratings can move more debris.
  • Larger-diameter chutes or tubes included with some vacuum-capable models help collect leaves.
  • Speed settings allow you to control the airflow and movement of debris. Blowers may have fixed settings or variable-speed controls. Many  let you set and lock a speed 
  • Vibration reduction features improve comfort.


Any leaf blower that moves leaves adequately for you is likely going to work fine with the Gutter Viper, to clear your gutters.   Now you have another use for the leaf blower!