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Do I have to hang my leaf blower from my shoulder when using the Gutter Viper?

Not necessarily.  You can leave the black ripstop nylon air supply tube to the leaf blower long and place the leaf blower on the lawn behind you.  Then you can reach the gutter with the Gutter Viper and walk along the below the gutter as far as you can in both directions to clean them.  If you need to reach more gutter, then move the leaf blower so you can reach that section. This technique works well if you have no tree branches up against the side of the house.  If you do have trees right next to the house, for that area you can hang the leaf blower from your shoulder (as shown in the video) and work with the black ripstop nylon tube length set to the same length as your telescoping pole.

Do any gutter guards really work? It depends

Do any gutter guards really work?  It depends
It depends, but the cost of the materials and labor to install gutter guards can easily run into the thousands of dollars.  And since you still need them inspected occasionally, well you still need to climb a ladder.