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Gutter Viper Frequently Asked Questions and Help

Questions about Setting up and Using the Gutter Viper

How do I set up the Gutter Viper?

How do I set up the Gutter Viper the first time?

Will the Gutter Viper work with a standard painters pole?

Will the Gutter Viper work on my leaf blower?

Will my leaf blower be powerful enough?

How high will the Gutter Viper Reach?

Will the Gutter Viper Work if I have heavy debris in my gutters, or web debris?

I have a hand-held leaf blower. Will that work?

Do I use the same technique for cleaning one, two, high two, or even third story gutters from the ground?

Can I use the Gutter Viper to clean leaves off my roof or out of roof valleys from the ground?

We have two story gutters with screens, but need a way to blow leaves and seeds off the screens. Will the Gutter Viper work without damaging the screens?

What do I do if I notice the Gutter Viper's yellow tongue isn't flapping?

If the black ripstop nylon tube bends does that prevent air getting to the Gutter Viper?

What's the yellow stripe along the black ripstop air supply tube for?

What's the mirror on the underside of the Gutter Viper for?

Do I have to hang the leaf blower from my shoulder?

Shipping, Payment, and Returns

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